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Life after death?

2 February 1953
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i am a wife, grandmother and mother. my 2 children are grown and i am raising my granddaughter, lily. my oldest daughter, lilys mom, died in a car accident in 2003. she was 31. i had my other grands, twin boys, for 3 years. i couldn't do it any more. they are sweet boys, but have lots of problems.
my other daughter, jessica, now has the boys, in 2009 they will be 18. i have several more years until lily is grown. i have had lily since she was born.
i was born and raised in south jersey, moved to fl for several year and am currently in wooster, oh. i have moved out of wooster several times. and hope to do so again in the spring. edit: did move and returned to wooster AGAIN.
i am a child care provider, i have taken care of kids for 20 years and i am done...almost. watching kids again, oh well, guess i just can't get away.

gardening, reading, swimming, tv, tv...my dogs