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i haven't posted on here in forever....
my dear sweet hubby passed away on the 17th of September. he had a long term illness and we had hospice for a year and 2 days. he died at home, where he wanted to be, with me and his daughter holding his hands. my heart hurts so much. I'm moving in with my daughter, Jessica and eventually we will all move to nc. I have tons of things to get rid of and can't seem to find the motivation to do it. this October we would have been together for 26 years.
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updating our brother in law, charles, yes, jeff's charles had a heart attack over the weekend. hes has had a stent put in and is doing fine. went to see him last night. i think another day and he'll be home. guessing the stress of the last 8 months...oh, well, you get it.
our newest addition, la'bella, is two months old. my great grand daughter. shes absolutely amazing and when she smiles my heart melts. my daughter's baby is probably a girl, another ultra sound soon and they'll be positive. shes due in january. this family of mine sure does keep you on your toes.
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made a cake...

yesterday, its chocolate and the same recipe my bubby, jeff, made for my birthday every year. happy birthday jeff. we all love and miss you bunches. the cake turned out great and i sang happy birthday. he would have laughed at my singing, its terrible.
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new baby...

my granddaughter, lily, has had her baby. born june 15 at 2:40 am. 7 pounds 2 oz and 18 in. shes quite the beauty and a healthy baby. lily did well and is getting out of the hospital tomorrow and moving back here. so today, cleaning her room and moving everything back. so there is alot of happiness in our family now.
poor charles is out of town till friday, i know hes sorry that hes missing all of the actiona and he can't wait to get his hands on the baby.
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happiness after sadness...

i have some amazing news. my daughter, jessica, is 32. shes pregnant. this is her first baby and i never thought she'd have one. shes always been amazing with kids and is the auntie to many thru the years. shes due january 5.
i'm also going on a long awaited vacation, leave thursday and go to north carolina and pick up my sister. then we're on to florida to spend a few days with my brother.
my wonderful bil, charles, is doing well. we went to the cemetary to visit jeff, i took him wind chimes. i miss my bubby. i'm guessing that my bubby has some pull up there. i just can't believe my dauther is preggers.
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my bubby..

my dear sweet bubby, jeff, passed away tonight, shortly before 8p.m. he died peacefully with me and my dear friend holding his hand. i'm sure my other bubby will post more...
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bil update...

my bubby, jeff, was in the nursing home for 2 weeks and 2 days. hes now at akron general, in icu. he has pneumonia and low blood pressure. don't know how long he'll be in the hospital this time. i feel sad, this all really sucks. charles is out of town till thursday, i'd like to go up tonight, but that hospital is really confusing and the parking is nuts. so i'm not sure what i'll do. but just wanted to let you all know what was going on.
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jeff update...

jeff has been moved to a nursing home in akron. charles is out of town for the next few weeks, so i'm in charge. not really of anything...just visiting and if they need me or he needs me. just keep sending prayers, good karma or whatever it is you do. when hes feeling better i'll let you know.
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went to cc again with charles. two chest tubes are out, so one still in. nothing yet on the move to nursing home. jeff still has an infection in his lung. his immune system is not working well from being on dialysis. it took me a week to finally have his drs call me. i had to file a complaint to get that to happen. so hopefully they'll keep us updated more frequently.
birthday dinner for my daughter, jessica, 32 years old, yesterday.